How I use Pulse Surveys to gather feedback as a CEO

Last year I ran a monthly pulse survey to gather regular feedback from everyone who works at Human Made on my performance as CEO. It gave me a useful way to track a number representing how folks across the company perceived I was performing as CEO, whilst the absolute numbers weren’t so meaningful, it was…

Human Made: Summer Update

This originally started as a Tweet, but then I remembered blogging is back! We’ve had a busy summer at Human Made and I’ve had some time off so haven’t been sharing. Some highlights: We soft-launched a new website for Human Made along with an overdue refresh of our brand colours. So far I really like…

Leading From Afar podcast

I recently chatted to Scott Markovits on the Leading From Afar podcast about trust in remote teams.

The Open Source Economist Podcast

I recently spoke to Christie Chirinos for an episode of her excellent podcast, The Open Source Economist. We talked about open source in the context of platforms, based on our own learnings building the Digital Experience Platform, Altis.